Wanderlost Adventure - Tamara and Jade

Who we are.

Welcome to our travel blog! We are Wanderlost Adventure, AKA Tamara and Jade and we plan to share with you every aspect of our travel journey from the initial planning until the very end (hopefully there won't be one!)

Tamara is a Graphic Design Graduate who has recently quit her job as a Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive to live her dream of seeing the world. Her passions include photography, design and gaming.

Jade is a Psychology and Counselling Skills Graduate who has worked hard caring for the old and vulnerable and has decided it's time to take a break and follow her passion of travel. Other passions include Ed Sheeran, chocolate and trashy tv shows.

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Specialising in Marketing, Graphic Design and Webdesign, we work hard to help you bring your ideas to life.

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How we did it…

1 Save up enough money to sustain you for the period of time you would like to travel for. The way we did it was by working out our outgoings in the UK every month and budgeting ourselves to live the same way whilst travelling (knowing we'd have money left over every month).

2 Get rid of any commitments at home. We couldn't get rid of each other so instead we each handed in our notices at work, gave up the house we were renting and sold the stuff we no longer needed. As we aren't sure whether we will return home, we decided to keep our cars and some belongings.

3 Once we had rid of almost everything we had worked so hard for, we then both moved back in with both families for a month. Plenty of time to say our goodbyes to family and friends and make any last minute purchases and plans. Then we got on our one way flight to Hong Kong...