Avoiding stress when planning your travels

Avoiding stress when planning your travels

I’m writing this blog post the day after we moved out of our home in Wales and moved back home with our parents. That’s right.  There’s no going back. We now have no job, no home and just over 5 weeks until our first flight! It seems like yesterday when we were feeling a little lost and claustrophobic in our lives, discussing the possibility of travelling.

Now we are finally doing it!

This feels like a dream. But, it’s not all happiness and excitement. There are lots and lots of things that still need to be done. If you’re like me and you’re at the same part of your travelling plans as I am, then you are probably feeling the (extreme) stress. Although sometimes my anxieties and fears are overwhelming, there are a few things that I do that help with these feelings, which I thought may help some people.

  • love lists! I find that they are so helpful when your mind is trying to think about organising a lot of things at once, whilst trying to carry on with day-to-day life and whilst trying to not dwell on the negatives. If you write some things down, it means that you don’t have to think about it and you should feel a little more free.
  • Music, music, music! If you are anything like Tamara and myself, one of your top passions and loves is music. Music helps with everything! So sit down, open Spotify or Youtube and listen to something. Hell! Make yourself a travel playlist or browse some that are already made to help you feel excited and more positive. Spotify have a deal for their premium service, 99p for three months! (And then you can delete it and go back to the free version!)
  • Breathe. I know this sounds a little silly since all we do is breathe, but seriously just breathe. Go sit somewhere alone and quiet. Close your eyes. Breathe in and straighten your body. Breathe out and relax your body. I guarantee that this will help you to relax and feel more motivated to complete a task that you found difficult. If you struggle to relax there is a fantastic and free Smartphone app called ‘Headspace‘ it helps you relax and meditate for ten minutes every day, helping you to clear your head and and train your mind to be happy and cope when you are confronted by stress.

So, now that you have had a breather and have your ultimate playlist ready, you can try to tackle your to-do list one thing at a time! Good luck with it all and I hope you manage to make your travelling process more exciting and less stressful! If you have any more tips or ideas to help with the stresses of travelling then please comment below and let us know!

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Jade Schofield

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