How it feels to quit your job to travel the World

In two days, nineteen hours and thirty minutes I will be quitting my job to travel the World.

Just writing that gave me the shivers. I have never been unemployed since I was 15 years old, I’ve always had a job and I have no idea how to not have a job.

Handing in my notice at this job was one of the hardest yet easiest things I’ve ever had to do. I was so excited and caught up in the moment of planning and getting ready that my 7 weeks notice period felt like it would be a lifetime away and so the realisation of leaving my best friends and colleagues behind just didn’t really sink in… until now.

Quitting your job is a massive milestone in the buildup to packing everything in and leaving the country, yet I am absolutely terrified of the prospect. It’s one of the only and most important responsibilities I have in my life. Something that I am good at, something that I have always wanted to do, yet I am giving it up… just like that.

It’s funny how our brains work isn’t it? The thing you once dreamed about soon becomes a huge doubt in your mind once it’s a reality. You start doubting yourself, your ideas and yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing. You starting thinking about the what-ifs… What if I am giving up the best job I will ever have? What if I can’t get a job when I return? What if I don’t enjoy myself? And the list goes on and on.

On the flip side when you’re not busy worrying, time around you essentially freezes. You’re sat at your desk at work flicking through your emails when you notice that the minute hand is suspiciously taking longer to move than the hour hand. That’s the excitement kicking in, balancing out the negativity your brain feels like inflicting on you. Lunch time comes around and you become obsessed with travel blogs, obsessed with researching into the destinations you’re travelling to, drooling over pictures of beaches and beautiful temples and longing for time to go faster. Then you stumble upon a travel blogger’s horror story and the World come’s crashing down around you and negative Nora is back in action again!

Everyone is different. The further away I was from my final day of work, the happier I was and the more excited I was before reality set in, in my final week.

I hope that in a year’s time I can look back on this post with not a single regret, laughing at how much of a worrier I am and proud of myself for taking a leap of faith in life. I hope this post helps people realise that some people are more adaptable to dropping everything and leaving the country, but other’s hop onto the doubt train and struggle to get off. You’re not alone.

What were you like when you left your job to travel the World? Or are you still debating whether to take that leap of faith? Leave a comment below!

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Tamara Pensa

Tamara is passionate about everything design. She loves reading, music, photography and gaming and her dream has always been to see the World. Tamara has recently quit her job as a Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive to travel the World, in the hope that she can combine her passion of travel and all things design.


  1. Hey!
    You may have already quit by now. I hope it went well! Sounds like you’re going to have an amazing time.

    It is a terrifying experiencing leaving everything behind for the unknown. There will always be doubts, right? There should be some. It will get easier though. I have a bit of anxiety about doing it, but in the end if you don’t do it, you will always wonder what could have been.

    Keep up the good work! Happy travels.

    1. Author

      Hey Kaine! Thank you for the comment.

      Jade has finished her job now, I finish mine in 5.5 hours! You’re completely right though, there’s nothing worse than looking back and thinking what could have been.

      Hope you’re having a lovely time!

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