Making Decisions when Travelling the World

If you’re like Tamara and I, you may be trying and struggling with making decisions. Questions like ‘where to visit’ and ‘what order to visit them in’ are the most important yet difficult ones to be made.

When we first decided on travelling we were afraid of visiting somewhere outside of our comfort zone. We actually decided on travelling around Europe for a month to see if we had the ‘travelling bug’. But when we looked into it, we found that we could spend three months in Asia for a similar amount of money! So what did we decide to do?

We took the plunge!

It was a very big decision for us to make. We are the kind of people that fear change and aren’t very often spontaneous. But we had decided, decision one made. But now the hard part. Where to visit, when to visit and for how long? These are the points that we are still struggling with at the moment.

We want this travelling experience to be an adventure. We don’t want it to be set in stone and we don’t want to be tied to our strict plans. We want to be whimsical. But unfortunately we have to make some decisions and so should you!

  • Finalise your departure date
  • Roughly plan your route (no specific dates but some airports need to know that you a ticket out of their country)
  • Rough time frame in each place
  • Things you would like to do in each place

So right now these are the decisions we are currently making. The best way to do this is to look at a map and check flight prices and visa stay durations. This should give you most of the information you need to make these decisions.

Another thing that could be useful is knowing what you want to see in each country you’re visiting. Research where you are going. Decide on 5 or 6  things to do or places to see. Then try and complete 3 or 4 of these things minimum. This will let you know roughly how long you want to stay in each area.

The Lonely Planet have created a list of the 500 best places to see in the world. Although you may have to buy their book to see all 500 destinations, the top 20 are featured in their blog post!

Travel Fish is a website that is specifically for Southeast Asian travel and has lots of interesting blogs about all the adventures you could get up to whilst visiting! One of my favourites is their blog post on Cambodia

These factors should help you start to make decisions. But again, if you’re like Tamara and myself, decision making may be the biggest problem you encounter whilst planning your backpacking trip around the World.

If you have any other points that may be help with decision making then please comment below! Also, if you have any good websites or blogs don’t hesitate to let us know! 

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Jade Schofield

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